Guild Overview

A group of friends formed built Horde Tough after the official announcement of Classic. BHT quickly grew through friends of friends. BHT is a “casual raiding” Horde guild on the Skeram Classic Server. While we are serious about winning, we try to keep it light and fun.

Guild Ranks

Guild Master 



Riswind – Raid Leader







Jr Officers





We expect that our members are excellent representatives of <Built Horde Tough> in the open world and dungeons. Guild chat and discord can be a little “mature” at times, but we ask that our members generally keep things PG-13. 

Self Responsibility 

Be a part of the solution and not part of the problem. If you see something, say something. If you’re overly offended by guild chat, say something. If you feel we need to improve in any area of raiding, speak to an officer outside of the raid hours. It is important to remember that officers do not get paid for helping the guild, so the success of the guild is the responsibility of everyone. Including recruitment, so if you run into someone that you feel would be an excellent addition to the team, have them speak to an officer about joining.

Performance versus Trust

When <BHT> looks for recruits, we use the same two qualities that the Navy SEALs consider vital to have what it takes to become a SEAL. They look at Performance and Trust as two lines on a graph. Ideally, you want a person that is high in performance and equally high in Trust.

While this sounds obvious, the problem is we rarely come across a person like this. We love a talented player who can top the DPS charts without causing the raid to wipe or the healer who can beat the healing charts with little over healing.

We all know what talent looks like, and yet ability without trust is a selfish jerk. Because they’re selfish, a horrible guild mate, and they’ll ruin any team. We all know that one guy that’s the highest performer in a sports team or at work. If you ask anyone to point out the asshole on the team, it’s almost always that person. The SEALs know this type of person is toxic so that they won’t accept them into their ranks.


<BHT> would much rather have a person that is lower performing, but we can trust them always to have the teams back. We look for people that put having fun with friends above virtual loot. We value people that won’t quit just because we had a bad raid.


<BHT> raids Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00 until 11:30 weekly unless it falls on a major US holiday. Raid cancellations posted in the announcement channel in Discord. If you cannot make a raid, we ask that you provide as much advanced notice as possible.


Raiders must have all of their necessary consumables, gear repaired and ready thirty minutes before the scheduled start time.


Discord is mandatory during raids. The raid leaders will not use guild or raid chat except for the DKP bidding process. You must use push-to-talk and keep non-essential conversation to a minimum.

Live Streaming

We do not mind if you live stream but ask that you not stream Discord voice chat, guild, and raid chat without explicit approval from the raid leader. Although unlikely, you may be asked not to stream for an event.

Dragon Kill Points (DKP)

<BHT> uses a “classic” implementation of DKP that is easy to learn and use.


DKP is obtained by attending raids and killing bosses. 

• Five points are awarded precisely at the assigned start time. 

• One point awarded per hour.

• Five points awarded per boss killed.

• At the end of the raid, five points awarded.

DKP points are not “earned” until after the raid has ended and the DKP site updated. You may not use points earned during the active raid. One exception to this rule is for new members raiding with <BHT> for the very first time. New members are allowed to bid up to the estimated DKP points for that night.


Members are allowed to bid on items that are considered part of your main specialization. Off-spec bids are permitted after no primary spec bids are received. You must bid in increments of five. You must up bid the last bid by at least five. All bids must be submitted via raid chat. We ask the raiders to keep the raid chat clear during open bidding. No fake bids are allowed. We take fake bids very seriously, and you will be deducted DKP for the false bid.


On Tuesday afternoon, ten percent of decay applied.

Guild Application Process

After you submit your application or contact an officer directly in-game, you will receive an invitation to join our Discord server to have an interview with an officer. After receiving approval, you will receive an invitation to the guild.